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Olympic Gold Medalist Pleads Guilty to DUI Charges

Olympic gold medal swimmer Michael Phelps enters a guilty plea in a Baltimore courtroom today. Phelps, accompanied by his family, plead guilty to DUI charges after he was caught speeding back on September 30th. During the court proceeding Phelps apologized, saying he made a mistake. He’s not facing any prison time, but he will be on probation for 18 months. The court also banned him from drinking alcohol during that probationary period. Recommended: MADD Requesting ‘Affluenza Teen’ be Tried as Adult Teen Accused of Shooting and Killing Man Faces Judge Woman Accused of Injecting Fake Botox Pleads...

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Olympic great Michael Phelps to swim again

Don’t expect the same Michael Phelps in his return to swimming after a nearly two-year retirement. Even if Phelps’ comeback is a success, it will be different this time around. No more swimming seven or eight events at the Olympics or world championships. No more grueling individual medleys. This time, it’s about taking on fewer and shorter races than the 22-time Olympic medalist did in his prime. At 28, Phelps is far from being too old to dive into the pool. In recent years, swimmers have successfully competed into their 30s and in the case of Dara Torres, who...

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