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Questions Arise over Representation of Unaccompanied Undocumented Children in the Court System

The argument over unaccompanied immigrant children under the age of five being represented in an Immigration court is still a big issue But how do the children end up representing themselves? Since Immigration cases are seen as civil matters, the responsibility rests on the child’s shoulders. The legal system in the United States includes two systems: civil and criminal. The civil cases fight for a person’s civil rights, while criminal cases prosecute a person who is believed to have broken the law. Recommended: No...

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Prime Suspect in Bank Robbery behind Bars after being Caught in Mexico

McAllen police have the prime suspect of a Wells Fargo bank robbery now in their custody. 36-year-old joseph Robert Nocar of Elsa was detained by Mexican officials last night after his car was tracked by GPS. He was found at Latuna Hotel in Reynosa and was handed over to McAllen police. He went before a judge who charged him with robbery and issued him a $300,000 bond. In a press conference held yesterday officials said they had arrested Nocar’s accomplice, Valeria Garcia of Elsa. Recommended: No...

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Undocumented Immigrants Found in Stash House, taken into Custody

Edinburg – Several immigrants were rescued from a stash house today. According to border patrol the call came in after suspicious activity near the area. An undetermined number of immigrants were rescued from the house and one suspect believed to be the smuggler was taken into custody. Some of the immigrants tried to run from the scene however they were detained moments later.. A nearby school went on lockdown. Recommended: Human Smuggling Stash House with Santa Muerte Shrine Raided in Edinburg Border Patrol Agents Find Undocumented Immigrants Hiding in Edinburg Home Undocumented Immigrant Pursuit causes Temporary School Closures 16-Year-Old Girl Charged...

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EXCLUSIVE: Pursuit Leads to Arrest of Undocumented Immigrants

In Edinburg, several immigrants were detained after leading authorities on a chase. This is exclusive video obtained by FOX 2 news… It shows the chase happening off Brushline Road in rural Edinburg after a red Suburban van allegedly refused to stop. Authorities say nine immigrants from different nationalities were detained after the smuggler led them on a chase. Recommended: Two Arrested after Failed Human Smuggling Operation Naked Man Causes Three-Vehicle Pileup in Donna Undocumented Immigrant Pursuit causes Temporary School Closures Border Patrol Agent Attacked by Undocumented...

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Border Patrol Reports Increase in Undocumented Minors Abandoned in Rio Grande Valley

The Rio Grande Valley is seeing an increase in undocumented minors being victimized according to border patrol officials. Recently there were three children who were abandoned after crossing the border. Immigration numbers continue increasing and show to be higher so far, in comparison to the same time last year. More than 59,000 people were detained as of march while attempting to cross the border into the U.S. Out of those, more than 16-thousand unaccompanied children were detained in the Rio Grande Valley area. Surprisingly, many are being left behind by smugglers. “Human smugglers see them just as merchandise, so,...

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16-Year-Old Girl Charged with Smuggling 8 Undocumented Immigrants into U.S.

A 16-year-old girl accused of human smuggling faces a judge today. According to border patrol statistics there are hundreds of local teens involved in this type of crime. The teen is accused and charged with smuggling eight undocumented immigrants in a pickup truck with her boyfriend in the passenger seat. The teen kept quiet with little or no reaction as she faced the judge. Reports indicate the teen tried to cross into the U.S. with the group of undocumented immigrants on April 25th. The teen is expected to appear for her next hearing in court on May 4. Recommended:...

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Woman in hit-and-run arrested for car theft

Brownsville(KFXV) – A woman involved in a hit-and-run is arrested for car theft. 28 year old Ruby Ann Arrizola Gonzalez was detained on the 600 block of Ash street for matching the description of a driver of a hit-and-run that had just happened on Elm Street. Gonzales was identified by Witnesses and arrested. The vehicle that she was driving was reported stolen just four hours before. The owner of the vehicle, a minivan, left the key in the ignition while attempting to get up and said a woman got in his van and drove away. Gonzalez was charged with...

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Special Mission Dive Team Trains for Recovery and Flood Rescues

There more than a dozen men specialized in underwater dive recovery and flood rescues. They make up a special operations team within the Mission Fire Department. Today–the team took part in a recovery training with border patrol’s Borstar Dive Team. The Mission Fire Department Special Operations Team has been in practically every body of water south of Corpus Christi to aid other agencies during emergencies. In total 16 men make up the special ops dive team. With 10 years of diving experience, Alvarez says one of the biggest challenges is debris. Each month the team takes part in a...

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Pro-Immigrant Organizations Gather in Anticipation for DACA/DAPA Executive Action Outcome

Pro-immigrant organizations gathered outside the McAllen Federal Court this morning in support of the outcome of the DACA and DAPA executive actions. If approved, over 4 million undocumented immigrants here in the United States would be protected from deportation. The Supreme Court seems divided today as arguments were heard over president Obama’s executive action. One woman tells us that she depends on the approval of president Obama’s immigration action in order to better her family’s life. Mrs. Eva, mother of four has lived in the Rio Grande Valley for over a decade now. She says with each passing day,...

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Facebook shows new ways to chat, stream video

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Looking for new ways to engage with its audience, Facebook says people who use its Messenger chat service will soon be able to order flowers, shop for shoes and talk with a variety of businesses by sending them direct text messages. And soon, if you haven’t “chatted” with those businesses on Messenger in a while, they’ll be able to send you a paid message that offers a special deal or encourages you to buy a product you liked before. CEO Mark Zuckerberg used Facebook’s annual software conference Tuesday to describe its latest initiatives at a...

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