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New Law Helps Officers Train For Active Shooter Situations

Hidalgo County (KFXV) —  The Police Act was the main topic of discussion which funnels state and federal dollars to help train o ficers.   Police departments, sheriff’s offices, fire marshals and different agencies gathered in what they call  ‘the round table’ discussion.   One by one discussing what they need to better protect our community with  U.S. Senator John Cornyn on hand.   The Police Act is a grant  that our local agencies can apply for year to year to fund training.The federal grant  is 180 million dollars strong.   In Cameron County, Sheriff Omar Lucio expressed concern...

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Man Confesses To Drug Trafficking since age 12

Mission (KFXV) — A 25 year old man confesses to transporting and distributing cocaine since he was 12 years old. According to federal documents, Mario Alberto Garrido was detained for trying to transport 14 blocks of cocaine. The discovery was made by an Hidalgo County Sheriff after Garrido ignored a stop sign on Dove Street. He admitted that he would distribute the drugs to an unknown address and after would return to Mission, Texas to obtain more cocaine for shipment. He also confessed to being involved in drug trafficking 3 to 4 times a week since he was a...

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RGV Woman At DNC Watches Hillary Clinton Become Presidential Candidate

Philadelphia (KFXV) — 27-year-old, Merly Sauz says the  energy and the unity in the convention is what has been most exciting and also knowing she is witnessing history in the making. A speech President Obama gave at the University of Texas Pan American in 2008 now UTRGV inspired her, to make the trip to Philadelphia to support her democratic candidate.   Sauz is now a grad student at Harvard University.  She says her goal is to practice law focusing on Immigration and employee rights and says the feeling of togetherness at the convention is why she feels she’s in the right place. Many of the speakers at the DNC have highlighted the path, Hillary Clinton now leaves for many young girls to pursue their dreams and not just in  politics. Recommended: ACLU Claims Trump’s Immigration Plan Is Unconstitutional National Border Patrol Council Endorses Donald Trump for President Border Patrol Reports Increase in Undocumented Minors Abandoned in Rio Grande Valley Domestic Dispute turns Deadly in...

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ACLU Claims Trump’s Immigration Plan Is Unconstitutional

RGV (KFXV) — The American Civil Liberties Union has 300 lawyers ready to fight Donald Trump’s deportation plan. They claim Trump’s Immigration proposal is “unconstitutional”. A group of 12 ACLU lawyers found Trump’s deportation scheme in violation of several amendments of the U.S. Constitution but they not the only ones. In all , more than 300 attorneys across the nation are questioning the Republican nominee’s Immigration plan. A recent analysis by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), found Donald Trump’s proposals, unlawful. The ACLU released these findings citing a study that found that government would have to expand it’s...

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Women Stealing From Donation Boxes Charged

In Mission, three women are behind bars after stealing from several non-profit donation boxes. 33-year-old Erika Martinez, 51-year-old Maria Isabel Garza and 23-year-old Michelle Garza were detained after police say an officer found the trio stealing from a donation box. During the investigation it was discovered that the women had been carrying out the crime for more than a year. Detectives found a portable storage unit with stolen merchandise. All three women face one count of theft and another for engaging in organized criminal activity. The bond for each is set at 75-thousand dollars. Recommended: Naked Man Causes Three-Vehicle...

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Brexit Could Make Europe Less Friendly To US Tech

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Silicon Valley’s biggest businesses could face tougher regulations following Britain’s decision to withdraw from the European Union, and some might have to leave London to attract the best employees. Many U.S. tech companies now count on Europe for a quarter or more of their business. Beyond facing a financial downturn as the pound’s value erodes, these companies might find Europe a more challenging environment in which to do business. It could take a year or two before the picture becomes clear. For now, what’s certain is the U.K.’s exit will be complex and unprecedented, with...

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Agents Seize more than $4.6 Million Worth of Cocaine

It happened Monday at the Sarita checkpoint on U.S. Highway 77 North. Two U.S. citizens drove up to the checkpoint in a tractor trailer. During the Immigration inspection, a Border Patrol K-9 alerted agents and discovered 59 bundles of cocaine, with a weight of nearly 147 pounds, hidden inside. Recommended: Naked Man Causes Three-Vehicle Pileup in Donna Easter Border-Crossings Brings Big Money to Rio Grande Valley Border Patrol Reports Increase in Undocumented Minors Abandoned in Rio Grande Valley Neighbors Help Police Track down Home Invasion...

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Fifth and Final Edinburg Home Invasion Suspect Arrested

The fifth and final suspect wanted for an aggravated robbery in Edinburg is arrested. The arrest was possible after an anonymous call to the crime stoppers hotline alerted authorities of 19-year-old Brady Jones’ whereabouts. The suspect who is also known as “Polo Jones” was detained Monday night in rural Edinburg. Jones received charges for aggravated robbery and received a 500 thousand dollar bond. The Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Office reminds the community to report any crime to their Crime Stoppers Hotline at (956) 687-8477 All calls are kept anonymous and can solve cases much like this one. Recommended: Naked Man...

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Neighbors Help Police Track down Home Invasion Suspect

In Weslaco, one man is facing charges in connection to a home invasion. Authorities say it was thanks to the help of neighbors that they were able to arrest the suspect. The suspect is one of three involved in the home invasion that took place Tuesday morning at a Weslaco home. Forty-year-old José Edwardo Vega was detained last night in a joint effort from the U.S. Marshal’s office and Weslaco police. Vega is linked to the aggravated robbery at a home located on the 900 block of Spear Street. “Forced into the house, zip tied the grandmother and a...

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Questions Arise over Representation of Unaccompanied Undocumented Children in the Court System

The argument over unaccompanied immigrant children under the age of five being represented in an Immigration court is still a big issue But how do the children end up representing themselves? Since Immigration cases are seen as civil matters, the responsibility rests on the child’s shoulders. The legal system in the United States includes two systems: civil and criminal. The civil cases fight for a person’s civil rights, while criminal cases prosecute a person who is believed to have broken the law. Recommended: No...

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