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14 RGV Missionaries Trapped At Istanbul Airport

TURKEY (KFXV) — Tonight the incidents in turkey are hitting close to home as more than a dozen missionaries from the valley continue on stand by stuck at the Istanbul airport.. Just moments ago we heard from the missionaries, who say they heard what they believe is an explosion outside the airport, however they say they’re safe. Members of the First Baptist Church of Alamo, headed out to Senegal, Africa, Thursday morning. What was supposed to be a pit stop at Istanbul Ataturk Airport have become tense hours for the 14 church members as all flights have been cancelled....

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Fire department calls Hawaii lab explosion an accident

HONOLULU (AP) — A visiting researcher who lost an arm last month in a laboratory explosion at the University of Hawaii told fire investigators the blast occurred after she turned off a digital pressure gauge she was using to check the pressure in a gas cylinder. A report released by the Honolulu Fire Department on Monday said the researcher told investigators she didn’t hear gas leaking before the explosion. Photos in the report showed torn pieces of a metal gas cylinder sitting on a floor strewn with debris. Compressed hydrogen, carbon dioxide and oxygen detonated inside an air tank...

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Man who predicted space shuttle Challenger disaster dies

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — Bob Ebeling spent three decades filled with guilt over not stopping the explosion of the space shuttle Challenger, but found relief in the weeks before his death. Ebeling’s daughter Leslie Serna told The Associated Press that her father died Monday at the age of 89 in Brigham City, Utah. She said he was finally able to forgive himself thanks to the hundreds of supportive phone calls and letters he received following a January NPR story about the 30th anniversary of the Challenger disaster. She said they tried to ease Ebeling’s guilt, and he was...

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Underground Explosion Shakes City of Laredo

The city of Laredo was shaken up Thursday, after an underground explosion during evening rush hour. Officials say, the blast has affected at least one hundred residents and businesses in the downtown area. As police attend to the scene at the 300th block of Convento Street where two sewer lines burst into flames just before 6 PM Thursday. Some witnesses thought the explosion was part of a terrorist attack. However AEP believes the accident might’ve been caused by faulty underground power lines. AEP worked during the day to restore electricity to most of the affected areas, and they continue...

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PEMEX Gasoline Pipeline Explosion In Reynosa, Tamaulipas, Mexico

An investigation is underway after a gasoline pipeline explosion. It happened Monday evening in the border town of Reynosa. This is a picture sent to us via Twitter. According to PEMEX, the energy company, the surrounding area was immediately evacuated as firefighters worked to extinguish the blaze. Fortunately, no casualties have been reported. The cause of the blast, remains under investigation, but there is speculation that is was sparked by people trying to steal fuel.   Recommended: Dramatic and Violent Clash Closes Down Reynosa Streets Gulf Cartel Leader to be Extradited to Cameron...

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3 Dead, 16 Injured in Reynosa Gas Explosion

Three people have been confirmed dead following an explosion in the border town of Reynosa. The Tamaulipas state government says 16 others were injured as a gas buildup caused the explosion at a shopping center. Part of the center collapsed and the blast shattered windows in nearby buildings and cars. The fatal victims were identified as Alan Alanis-Barbosa, Ada Lizeth Silva-Torres, and Dr. Sigifredo Hernandez-Torres. Rescuers continued searching for anyone trapped under the debris this morning. Recommended: Dramatic and Violent Clash Closes Down Reynosa Streets Gulf Cartel Leader to be Extradited to Cameron...

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Trajic gas tank Explosion Kills 2, Injures 3 in Reynosa

Family is overcome with grief after the deadly explosion that happened this weekend south of the border. After the blast, the family was trapped inside the burning home. Emilio Ramirez’s niece and her three children were inside their Reynosa home early Saturday morning, when a gas tank exploded in their kitchen. The house had burglar bars on its windows therefore, Vicenta Ramirez, her live-in boyfriend and her three children were unable to escape. Soon after her youngest daughter, 3 year old Nayelly Jimenez died from injuries she sustained during the fire. “They were trapped and they couldn’t escape and...

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