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$1.2 Million in Cocaine Seized in Brownsville Home

One person is arrested and $1.2 million in cocaine were seized from a home in the community of Cameron Park in Brownsville. 26-year-old Lupe Garza was detained after police discovered two bundles of cocaine inside his vehicle. After further investigation, Garza’s home was raided by authorities. Inside they found, 36 bundles of cocaine totaling $1.2 million in narcotics. This case was handed over to immigration and customs enforcement agents. Recommended: Naked Man Causes Three-Vehicle Pileup in Donna Edinburg Police Open Investigation into “Unattended” Death of Elderly Man 345 Traffic Citations Issued over past Five Months in...

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Just Under $1.5 Million of Cocaine Seized

Customs and border protection agents seize close to 1 point 5 million dollars worth of cocaine. On Tuesday, agents working the Rio Grande city international bridge came across a 45 year old woman from Mexico driving a black 2005 jeep grand Cherokee. After a secondary inspection of the vehicle, it was discovered that the woman was attempting to smuggle 19 packages of cocaine. The narcotics, weighing in at 46.3 pounds, holds an estimated street value of $ 1.49 million. Recommended: U.S. and Mexico Commissioners at Local High School to Speak on Border...

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$947,000 Worth Of Cocaine Seized In Pharr

PHARR – Close to one million dollars worth of cocaine was seized at the Pharr international bridge. CBP field operations say the narcotics were discovered within a maroon ford focus driver by an 18 year old man from Reynosa, Mexico. After a secondary examination, officers discovered 12 packages of alleged cocaine weighing approximately 30 pounds. The alleged smuggler, the drugs and the vehicle were turned over to homeland security investigations. Recommended: Pharr Woman Accused of Repeated Sexual Abuse of...

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$918,400 In Cocaine Seized In Brownsville

CBP officers seized close to a million dollars worth of alleged cocaine at an international port of entry in Cameron county. Federal agents working at gateway international bridge arrested a 23 year old woman from Matamoros, Tamaulipas Mexico who tried to smuggle 12 packages within a 2012 Honda Civic. After a second inspection, officers encountered the almost 29 pounds of cocaine valued at 918 thousand 400 dollars. The alleged smuggler, the narcotics and the driver were turned over to homeland security for further investigation. Recommended: Brownsville Man Accidentally Kills Mother in Shootout Brownsville Police Searching for Vehicle...

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