Mom Behind Bars for Leaving 4-Day-Old in Car

Mom Behind Bars for Leaving 4-Day-Old in Car

In McAllen, a mother is facing charges after police say she left a newborn baby of 4 days inside her car while she shopped at a local pharmacy.

She’s identified as Diana Laura Barrios. The 20 year old was arrested after officers pulled up to the pharmacy and say the child was inside the car.

The incident took place on the 7000 block of 10th street yesterday around 1 pm. The child was taken to the hospital for medical evaluation and handed over to Child Protective Services.

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  1. Why have baby’s if they can’t be a mother hope she never gets her child back

    • Is an awful thing to go, but you need to stop judging people . Ms perfect.

    • Pos yo no dejaria ami bebe en el mueble ni pa echar gas no se donde tenga la cabesa esta señora que la dejo en el mueble si en un ratito pasan los accidentes y la senora esta muriendose de vieja pa no saber que las desgracias pasan en un ratito

    • No one said i was i think my comment te ardio mas ati que la pendeja que dejo asu recien nacido en el carro

    • Jajajaja no para nada Ms. perfect. Nomas que todos cometemos errores …. y que boquita adiós

    • Lol ok siñor ardido maybe she was a family member of yours how embarrassing for you y eso que dices todos cometemos errores jajaja porfavor mejor pagale la fiansa si tanto te importa esa mala madre ya echate alcohol en tu erida güey

    • Fernando Marquez Jr why comment stuff if you just going to block me like a scared little girl don’t if you can’t handle la verdad dela sinverguensa que dejo asu baby in the hot car dummy

    • Lmfao..
      I never left any of my children in the car.
      I was younger than her when I had my first born, and still have never left my children in the car. Some are just irresponsible idiots.

  2. Was the car on?
    Praying for the baby Safety..

    • She was at cvs pharmacy…. Im sure she was just thinking its a quick run…. But that quick run could HAVE cost that lil life ….

    • Clarissa Alaniz
      No, she was at Walgreens on 10th and trenton. The vehicle was off with baby inside.

  3. Guess it was easier for her to spread them legs then take the baby out of the car with her.. sow it up btch

  4. I dont even leave our teenagers in a car alone


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