Health Matters: E-Cigs Could Lead To Poisoning

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Liquid nicotine from electronic cigarettes is causing a surge of reported poisonings among children.
A report released from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that calls to Poison Control Centers have shot up from about one per month as of September 2010 to approximately 215 per month as of this February.
More than half of the calls made in February involved Children ages five and younger.
Poison experts warn that nicotine in its concentrated liquid form is significantly toxic, even in small doses. And you don’t have to drink it to get poisoned.
Just inhaling or spilling liquid nicotine can cause side effects and possible poisoning.
These liquids can be easily mistaken for candy with flavors like bubble gum, banana and spearmint.
As of now, e-cigarettes are not required to be child proof, but a spokesperson for e-cigarette makers is working with manufacturers to create childproof packaging and warning labels.


  1. Matt Schafer

    Keep the liquid away from children! Household cleaning products poison children too, that’s why you keep it away from them. More sensationalist reporting on a misunderstood product that saves millions of lives.

  2. Nicholas Name

    There were 24,000 cases of poisoning reported to the poison control centers in 2009 due to toothpaste.

    In short, stick a label on it that says to keep it out of the reach of children, require child safe caps, and be done with it.

    Stop vilifying it because you don’t agree with it. Do some research, do you even recall a time when journalistic integrity was a thing? There was a time that a journalist would fear finding out that one of their publications was hyperbolic or untrue — but you guys just keep printing them.

    Let people who care about reporting the truth be your journalists and keep your lobbyist paid pundits out of print.

  3. Maurice

    We’d better ban everything then. No more mouth wash, or scented body washes or alcohols etc. Keep your liquids away from your kids. There is a lot of industry pressure that would like to see these products fail. No excuse is a good excuse. As vapors we are responsible for this industry and to eliminate these negative press releases with better statistics on vaping safety. We can not control what these fear monger media sources say but we can control our own actions.

  4. lisa zaragoza

    Why is everything this way when we were kids they didnt have all this bs and we are still here. I understand the issue but come on if there is anything in your house that is posion a reponsible adult puts shit up would your juice be one of them?


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