Eviction Email Scam Alert

Eviction Email Scam Alert

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Another scam is making its way around the internet and this time its targetting those who rent.

When a resident is about to get evicted the usual protocol is knocking on the resident’s door.

So says, Katherine De La Garza property manager at this apartment complex in San Benito.

That’s why eyebrows were raised when valley residents came forward claiming someone had sent them an email.

Saying they were about to be evicted and they had less than 30 days to leave.

No evection notices are not sent via email. Dolores Salinas of the better business bureau has seen her share of scams she claims the reasons are all the same.

They may be trying to get money from you..making it sound like it’s an urgent situation.

Those who rent a home, apartment or business are all at risk in receiving this scam, says Salinas.

that can potentially lead to identity theft she urges residents not to respond or open links for other potential harms.

Also its possible if you click on any links in the email you may be downloading mal ware or a virus onto your computer that may affect you or anyone else that’s networked within your network of users.

Friends family, meanwhile de la Garza explains the proper steps a landlord would take. If they did in fact need to contact you:

If you come across this eviction email scam, don’t respond, instead, report it to the Better Business Bureau at 956 968-3678.

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