‘Cut Them To Pieces’: Man Admits to Murdering Girlfriend

‘Cut Them To Pieces’: Man Admits to Murdering Girlfriend

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Edinburg (KFXV) — “Cut them to pieces with a knife. That’s what they deserve.”
Those are words from the man who claims to have stabbed his girlfriend multiple times because she was allegedly cheating on him.

The suspect says he was enraged– after allegedly discovering his girlfriend of five months was not being faithful.

A love triangle– that’s what 62-year-old Angel Bolaños-Vasquez claims led him to fatally stab 55-year-old, Maria Velasquez– 14 times.

Velasques’z body was found early Sunday morning after a neighbor called in to report a domestic dispute– north of Alamo Road in Edinburg.
The witness says the victim ran to his door, begging for help– but dying moments later.

Aside from the murder charge, Vasquez faces a one-million-dollar bond.

Officials tell us, seven homicides were reported last year involving family violence. This is the first of 2017 in Hidalgo County.
Which is why they urge anyone who is a victim, to contact local organizations for help.

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  1. The rage he felt, must of drove him mad.

  2. That’s not an excuse for taking another person’s life!

  3. Really only 5 months.. Talk about fatal attraction.. Sick from the head

  4. The guy who was banging her got lucky he didn’t stab the shit out of him too!!

  5. He lived in the same apartment as my motber in law he slept in the livingroom and she had her own room he killed her for not wanting to sleep with him she did not cheat and she most definetly did not have another man in her apartment there were no signs of anyone else being in the home but them two and yes he is sick from his brain my sister in law told him one time to plz take care of her mother his response was i will but im sick from my head to was his response in spanish to her. This man will not get away with this for God sees all he will pay one way or another.May God have Mercy on this man. My Mother in law did not deserve this may u Rest In Peace Our Beautifulll Queen Maria Rita Velasquez we luv u and miss u for u are truly missed by ur luving family… Ur in A better place now up in heaven with God no more suffering…


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