Boil Water Advisory Remains in Effect in San Benito

Boil Water Advisory Remains in Effect in San Benito

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San Benito (KFXV) — Tonight a boil water advisory remains under effect for the city of San Benito.
This means every resident in that community must boil their tap water before drinking, cooking, making ice, brushing their teeth and washing dishes.

We walked through the city of San Benito, knocking on multiples doors. Each of the families we talked to explained their concerns and how they are handling the water advisory, including the Silva family.

Francisco Silva tells us water problems in his household started over the weekend.

It was then San Benito officials sent out this message using social media saying the city was experiencing water issues with some homes, left with no water at all.

Hours later a second message was sent out explaining how the problem in the water system was caused by the freezing weather conditions –asking the community to boil water before consuming it.

Something Silva says left them with many questions.

Silva tells me he expects more from the city including communication and emergency plans for these type of situations.

Right now, Silva and his family are being really careful realizing how almost impossible life would be without water.

During the boil water advisory you may only drink tap water if it’s boiled for at least one minute. It’s also recommended to use boiled water for washing dishes and drinking water for your pets.

Silva, like many, say today –it has been a lesson for his household.

Once again, the boil water advisory for the city of San Benito is still in effect. Today the San Benito district distributed over 1,500 gallons of water to affected school campuses.

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